Conservation and finds management

bb conservation provides object conservation and is based in Singapore.

The goal is to build bridges in heritage preservation through conserving our archaeological and ethnographic heritage.

Aerial photography, manned flight services ecological consulting

Founded in 1992 LaNaServ offers a wide range of services in ecological consulting including impact studies and preservation assessments. Building on 50 years of flying experience it also provides a wide range of aerial work.

Detlef Stremke of LaNaServ is my closest Partner for years I have assisted on his projects and he on mine.

Detlef is a electrical engineer with a passion for the nature and flying. He is a pilot for over 50 years, recently he has added unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to his 'repertoire'. He holds an UAV operators licence for the state of Thuringia and a training certificate for the smartplanes system.

Aerial photography being his main hobby and profession he is also a dedicated ornithologist and author of many studies in this field.

Detlef has worked for stremke-archaeology as a sub contractor with his company or as free lancer in several of the larger projects in Germany as well as in Sudan.

Alex Walmsley works freelance in 3D historical reconstruction and cartography.


He is based in Hamburg, and is interested in using new media technologies in the study and preservation of heritage.

stremke-archaeology provides customers with state of the art survey and documentation solutions for archaeological projects worldwide