Over the 20 years of my work in Archaeology i worked with and for many institutions from many counties and fields of work. Here is a selection of my customers and partners. Beside institutions i also did lots of work for individuals supporting publications and fieldwork.

Over the years (since 2003) i worked on various projects of the German  Archaeological  Institute (DAI). I worked for the Orient, Eurasia and the Central departments.

Projects: Aşağı Pınar (Turkish Trace), Hira (Najaf, Iraq), Meroe Royal Baths (Sudan), Hamadab (Sudan), QMPS Pyramids of Begrawiya (Sudan)

Since 2009 i have worked closely with the institute of prehistoric archaeology on several projects:

Farchant (Bavarian Alps), Ilmendorf (Bavaria), Oberschnieding (Bavaria), Karwendel (Austria), Lăpuș (Romania), Bicaz (Romania), Stätteberg (Bavaria), Batina (Croatia), Dalj (Croatia)

Teaching of a course on topographical survey as well as a second course on photogrammetry and photography in archaeology.


Since 2017 I also work for the classical archaeology department on two projects: Pompeiopolis (Northern Turkey) and Apollonis (SW Turkey)


UCL Qatar with various projects and teaching jobs is a customer since 2013.

Projects include:

Ironworking in Sudan

Ancient sand stone quarrying around Meroe (Sudan)

Crowded Desert Project in Northern Qatar

Course "General survey for archaeologists"

Course "Photography and Photogrammetry"

Excavations in Qantir (Egypt)

Transformation of the Moroccan landscape in the early Islamic period

Aerial photogrammetry survey of early Islamic sites in Northern Qatar


Since 2016 i worked two campaigns for the Archaeological Collection of the Bavarian State. Work was conducted on an undisclosed location in the Bavarian Alps. Further work consisted of aerial filming of selected sites in northern Bavaria as well as preparing of base maps for museum exhibits.



Post processing, GIS analysis and Visualisation of old excavation data of the Winthirfriedhof (Munich).

Since 2015 i have been involved in the Qantir Pi-Ramesse Project starting with post processing of old survey data and consultations.

With the restart of the excavations in 2017 i started with my fieldwork in Qantir (Eastern Delta, Egypt)


Training course in Photogrammetry and Photography at the Museum of Islamic art in Doha (Qatar) (2015)


I created an historical map of the world of 1880 for an exhibition. Part of it can be seen on the space4 website.

I worked with the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David on several small projects as well as an Aerial Survey of Zubair (Al Basrah, Iraq).


Mughal Riverfront Gardens in Agra Project (2014)

Photogrammetry work at the Maqbara of I’timad-ud-Daula (Agra, India)


During my time in Halle (2001-2010) I worked on several co operation projects between the Martin Luther University of Halle and the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt.



Memleben (Survey and Excavation)



Quedlinburg (B6n)



Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie

in cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.

Small scale excavations on two early iron age sites in croatia.

Batina (Croatia), Dalj (Croatia)

Çatalhöyük research project (2006-2007)

Excavations in Aşağı Pınar (Turkish Trace) (2003-2009)

Non archaeological work

Aerial survey and mapping work for monitoring of nature reserves in Thuringia.

As part of a long term partnership with LaNaServ, I completed several aerial surveys and GIS analysis of vegetation patterns in nature reserves.

Vegetation monitoring by aerial photogrammetry survey at the Porsche off-road test trek in Leipzig.



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