Photography has been my passion since i got my first camera when i was about 6. Shooting Black and White film for 12 exposures...
It has come a long way since. Of course in modern Archaeology requires modern Photography.

Over the years i have learned and equipped myself for all the needs of archaeological photography.

Concentrating mostly on "on site" photography i do some object photography as well.

Since photography is strongly connected with photogrammetry it is a integral part of my every day work.

Aerial Photography


I started professional aerial photography while i was still at school. I was only working from manned planes at this time and still working with film.

Now-days most of my aerial photography is done from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and all of it is digital. Besides aerial photography for purposes of photogrammetry scenic shots from the air always lead to a better understanding of a site in its location and context. For this purpose mostly an oblique perspective is chosen which is more familiar to the human eye as the vertical shots usually taken for survey purposes.

I do offer manned and unmanned aerial photography on my own as well as in co-operation with my partner LaNaServ.



General Photography

Part of every archaeological project be it excavation or survey is a photographic record of results and works conducted. I offer general photography for documentation or publicity uses. For specialised Photography i also operate a mobile studio which can be used for object photography or special on site photography (e.g. night photos).


stremke-archaeology provides customers with state of the art survey and documentation solutions for archaeological projects worldwide